Subversives and their Role in Racial Capitalism

Subversives and their Role in Racial Capitalism

The Role of the Subversive

A subversive is a person who plays the role of the patsy or tool who allow themselves to be used to bring down another person. This other person is usually someone the State finds threatening. So subversives are tapped because they can get close to that individual and either attack them themselves, or create a lane for the State to attack them.

Fred Hampton was the victim of a subversive. William O’Neal betrayed the Black Panther leader and was not only an informant, but gave law enforcement Hampton’s exact location. Martin Luther King had informants around him as did Malcolm X. Subversives are some of the biggest threats to any type of movement that positions Black people and anti-capitalists at the center of their struggle. Positioning Black people at the top of any movement that is not influenced and/or controlled by Whites – and that movement is radical – offends the racial norms of America. The same goes for anti-capitalists who distress the economic norms of America by pointing out how capitalism is flawed.

Even on the plantation, you had subversives. The role of the subversive on the plantation was to make sure the Planter boss knew what was going on within the slave ranks. So if a leader rose up among the slaves and started plotting, “massa” would know about it. There are actual slave rebellions that we know were exposed because of Black subversives revealing the plot to Whites. This has always been a dynamic within the Black community.

This brings me to the murder of Nipsey Hussle. Whether you believe there’s a conspiracy or not, one thing is 100% clear – Eric Holder is a subversive. My “shitty” himself is a clear subversive. Whether he was acting out of emotional jealousy because he saw another Black man doing better than him, or whether he was tapped to carry out this murder. Both scenarios require us to understand that Eric Holder had a role to play. Holder didn’t go after George Zimmerman, no, he went after Nipsey Hussle. None of these beta male gangstas go after white supremacists – Black and Intellectual can’t be the only platform that recognizes this. They ONLY prey on other Black people. 

The REAL Mark of Strength and Courage Within the Community

You want to know what real strength, courage, and toughness are? Here’s a hint: it’s not rooted in emotionalism and guns. Strength is a mental thing. When a person calls you “strong” or “tough,” most of the time they’re talking about your mental faculties.

The problem we have right now is that we have a lot of grown ass men walking the streets carrying guns who are overly-emotional and mentally weak. Black and Intellectual wrote about this recently in our other article about the death of Nipsey Hussle called The Cowards Among Us. However, in reality, this doesn’t just apply to the Black community. This applies to White society as well. All of these mass shootings by White men are marks of mass emotional weakness (and propaganda). These are cowards, Black and White, who can’t handle their failings as men (and many of these killers aren’t even that old). So they grab a gun and attack those they think have wronged them. They think they are being tough, but they’re really the weakest links in our society.

The real mark of strength comes from those who don’t do those things. Strength is the ability to withstand and overcome adversity. Strength is challenging powers that are stronger than you, but you do it anyway (legally) because it has to be done. The strongest people in our society are the activists, the independents, the rebels. The people who have to build everything from scratch because society as it’s structured isn’t built to support revolutionary thinking. It’s instead meant to support group-think. You can’t be a public radical fighting racism, white supremacy, and capitalism and have certain jobs. Your very presence in certain rooms would be considered hostile. It takes strength to do that and do it over an extended period of time. 

What doesn’t require strength or courage is grabbing a gun and shooting a Black entrepreneur, or school kids, or people at a concert, etc. That’s the mark of a coward.

So be weary of subversives family, Black and White.

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