Why the Green Party Is A Better Force for Change than the Democratic Party

The time has come for those of us who seek real, fundamental change to go in a new direction. I can't tell you who to vote for, that's not my job. However I can show you the differences between two Parties that share a lot of the same support.

The Green Party and the Democratic Party have a lot of overlapping support in terms of voters and issues. However one party is truly Progressive and the other is looking more and more like it is morphing into the new conservative party as the Republican Party wades in the waters of far-right fascism and totalitarianism. That means Progressives Democrats have a decision to make in the near future. This video seeks to address some of these topics.

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New Poll Shows a Majority of Millennials Are Open to Reparations – Older Folks Not So Much

A recent poll out shows that a majority of millennials are open to the idea of reparations being given to the descendants of kidnapped Africans. There is a noticeable difference in those who support the idea of reparations and those who don't based on age and race.  This is a sign of some positive changes in the public perception of this issue in the near future, but those of us who support the reparations movement still have an uphill battle to fight.

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W.E.B. Du Bois, Marcus Garvey and the Resurgency of the Radical Black Left

With this powerful blog entry, I challenge the complacency of the politics of incrementalism and address several other issues. First, the history of the pan-African movement and it's relationship with democratic socialism and the Black Left will be addressed. Second, we go into the 5 reasons why there is a resurgence in Black radical progressivism and thought and lastly why we still have much further to go.

There's been a lot of talk about the progress Black people have made since the Civil Rights Movement. We look at that in detail and question whether or not we're not all victims of selective history and establishment white-washing and co-opting of Black radical thought. This blog post represents one of the primary reasons why Black and Intellectual even exists and represents this site's ideological foundation. It is also the inspiration behind the 'Radical Progressive' design available now in our store (HERE).

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