Marvel’s Black Panther (2016-Present) Issue #6 – #7 Review

Black Panther Issues #6 and #7 are reviewed in this entry and catches us up with the most recently released Panther lore from Marvel. Political intrigue, questions of democracy vs. monarchy, conspiracy within the Wakandan government...writer Ta-Nahesi Coates has so far delivered in successfully bringing T'Challa back into glory. His new Black Panther run is only getting better and better.

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Marvel’s Black Panther (2016-Present) Issue #3 Review

Just now getting around the reviewing Issue #3, but trust was worth the wait. Coates continues to expand on the internal struggles of T'Challa, which he has done well describing so far. Several subplots continue to develop and play out. The Midnight Angels, Shuri in the Plane of Memory and the insurrectionists Tetu and Zenzi. Coates has put a lot of the Black Panther's plate...but I think he's up for the task,

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