The DOJ Breaks its Bond with Private Prisons – Why Much More Is Needed

With the news that came out today, it's important sometimes to take a step back and look at the bigger picture of what's at work here. While this is a step in the right direction and a sign that the pressure that is being applied to working, it remains a small step still. Considering the fact that nearly 87% of all inmates are in local and state (not Federal) correctional's news only shows us how much more work needs to be done politically on the local and state level.

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5 Radical Solutions to America’s Criminal Injustice Crisis

In the wake of recent events in Dallas, solutions have been suggested but in this blog entry I show you why most of the solutions that have been thrown out there will NOT address the problem of state violence. Better training, while helpful, will not prevent certain types of state violence from occurring. The ultimate problem here is state violence and much is being done that can't be fixed simply by training better police officers.

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