The Army Corps of Engineers Blocks Dakota Access Pipeline from Drilling

In a surprising turn of events, the Army Corps of Engineers have decided not to grant the Dakota Access Pipeline permission to drill beneath the Missouri river. This decision has granted the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe an incredible victory and shows the power of relentless protest and activism. 

A week and a half ago, an article was written on this site detailing some of the causes and events surrounding the anti-drilling activism at play at Standing Rock. Since then it has come out that several law enforcement officers have even resigned due to moral conflicts that they were having with regards to how the crackdown against the water protectors has been carried out.

On top of the resignations, military veterans  have been arriving at Standing Rock in the thousands to show solidarity with the Sioux tribe and to form protective barriers around the Native Americans, their supporters, etc and the battle line of militarized police officers.  It was clear that if someone didn't step in and halt construction, the situation could've gotten much worse.

Like I stated above, this is a solid victory...but it is not over. The Energy Transfers Partners still has the ability to sue and Donald Trump may try to overturn the decision when he is sworn into office.

I would hope that people who are oppressed by a particular system never feel so helpless and defeated to the point where we question the need to even vocalize our dissent.

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