The Charlotte Uprising Continues Into A Third Night

The Charlotte uprising has entered into its third night. Earlier today the I-277 was shut down by protesters. People are demanding the release of dash and body cam footage that could clear up two very separate narratives.

Earlier today, Governor Pat McCrory declared a State of Emergency and called up the National Guard. As in cases in the past including Ferguson and Baltimore, the National Guard is usually deployed to protect areas of interest and so far...they've never needed to do anything. The fact that this is the 3rd time in recent years that the military has been activated to potentially attack Black Americans is a sign of how weak our democracy is right now. The infamous Bundy family has had several standoffs with authorities now, even going so far as taking over a federal building with arms! The National Guard was never called on either occasions and the first altercation involved a number of armed individuals.

There is a curfew set to be enacted at 12am and as of the writing of this entry that curfew time has been crossed and what appears to be hundreds of protestors are still in the streets. One strong and powerful black sister was asked about whether or not she would be leaving once the curfew came. She stated powerfully no, that she had a son and she was prepared to give her life for the cause. This is why we do this. This is why we protest. All people want is transparency in policing and policy changes directly attributed to the Black community to correct generations of systemic abuses. People want an end to state violence. The cause is a very just one.

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