The Chicago DOJ Report Uncovers Rampant Constitutional Violations Against Black People

The Department of Justice report about the abuses of power within the Chicago Police Department have been released - and it's not good. However after what was revealed in previous reports such as last year's DOJ report about the Baltimore Police Department and previously the Ferguson DOJ report - no one should be surprised by the revelation of rampant constitutional violations against Black people. What should be more of a revelation is the utter lack of accountability that accompanies these reports.

The current report about the Chicago PD can be read online. I suggest people read these reports for themselves because I've noticed certain elements of the corporate media will use headlines that simply say the report exposes 'excessive uses of force.' While that is true, what's not being said (at least not in the headline) are that these are blatant violations of the U.S. constitution. Page 24 of the report says clearly that violations of the 4th amendment occurs "with frequency" within the Chicago PD.

What's interesting about the report is not so much what's in it - but what's not in it. So there's no mention made anywhere about Homan Square - the blacksite where 7,000 people were "disappeared" between 2004 and 2015 by the Chicago P.D. The Guardian wrote a shocking series of articles exposing that back in early 2015. The DOJ began their investigation later that year in December. That they'd release a report and not even mention the blacksite is grounds to throw around terms like cover-up. The blacksite, among other things, used Gitmo-style techniques to interrogate suspects...many of whom were not given access to a lawyer.

Back in October, The Intercept also wrote a powerful 4-part series called 'Code of Silence' that everyone should also read. The report exposed a major criminal protection racket that existed within the Chicago P.D. that was so grossly illegal because many of the officers involved were directly involved in the local drug trade. The corrupt officers involved "taxed" drug dealers for protection and to look the other way, while at the same time they targeted other rival drug gangs. Now eventually the commanding officers involved were brought up on charges...of stealing government property. One did 18 months while the other did 22 months. An essential slap on the wrist considering the incredibly heinous crimes those officers are accused of committing. The good police officers who helped expose them were labeled 'Internal Affairs rats' and black-balled within the department. This goes to show you the flaws in the "good cop" narrative. Even though not every Chicago cop was involved in the criminality, they all were involved in covering it up.

This exposes another issue however. If you had cops who we know targeted rival drug gangs...why are people not looking at cops as potential players in the so-called "black on black crime" epidemic in Chicago? We have direct evidence that some of them ran an illegal protection racket!! Who's to say that doesn't still go on in some form or fashion? Maybe not with the same commanding officers, but with others. The whole thing stinks.

The DOJ report glossed over all of that too. There was a lot of talk about inadequate training and "excessive uses of force," but I found this report much more vague than the Baltimore report which is a red flag for me.

The report does have some good information in it though that people need to be made aware of. We have a new President about to take office who represents a side that not only doesn't acknowledge these problems, but they look to double-down on these problems and make them worse. We have a complicit media that aids and abets in covering up criminal constitutional violations within law enforcement. We have a sizable segment of the American population that has chosen to play the apologist role and attack the messengers who expose that this is really going on in this country. A lot of Americans do not care about state violence as long as it's not happening to white people. A lot of the same hypocrites and state violence deniers who hoard guns to potentially one day "fight gub'ment tyranny," are the ones co-signing the murder of Black people by the "gub'ment."

So yes, the Chicago DOJ report is bad...really bad. What's worse is not a damn thing will be done about it. They'll agree to toothless "reforms" and go about business-as-usual. That's how these things usually play out.


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