The Cowards Among Us
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The Cowards Among Us

The Murder of Nipsey Hussle Remains Shrouded In Mystery

On the afternoon of March 31, Grammy-nominated rapper and entrepreneur Nipsey Hussle was gunned down outside of his clothing store. This shooting was caught on several cameras that were undoubtedly used to apprehend a man named Eric Holder.

Eric Holder, nicknamed “shitty” on the streets, didn’t have the best reputation. With that nickname, there’s no wonder why right? The rumor is he is known as an informant. While that is not likely to be proven publicly one way or the other – it does cause one to wonder.

Nipsey Hussle wasn’t perfect. None of us are. However, celebrities have larger than life personas. This is especially true for those who take that extra step and speak up about happenings within the community. So one doesn’t think it’s possible that a man as important as Nipsey Hussle could be taken from this Earth by a deadly, dusty hood booger with a nickname like “shitty.” However, that may well be the case.

It seems that there are two scenario’s here, both are possible. Maybe not equally possible, but very much within the realm of possibility. Scenario #1 says Nipsey Hussle was murdered by a type of Black person that exists within the community that needs to be exposed. These folks are overly emotional, very easily triggered, and are thin-skinned. A person with a weak mind can turn into a deadly tool if/when a gun is placed within his hands. These are the beta male gangstas. They will act tough, and perhaps even gain some street credibility, but in the end their actions are driven by reckless emotions. Nipsey Hussle, a man with a strong mind and strong character was murdered by a weak, two-bit criminal. Eric Holder apparently took offense to something Nipsey said and in a beta-induced fit of jealous rage shot and murdered him. 

The unfortunate and likely reality of this scenario is too hard for many to accept. Therefore, many have ran with Scenario #2 and that’s to say that there is a conspiracy. You cannot blame people for this. While some may not like it, conspiracies against Black people throughout American history are not necessarily tall tales. The Tuskegee Syphilis experiments, Jim Crow was a conspiracy in and of itself. America conspired politically and economically to segregate and separate Black people from the rest of society. Need we count the extreme number of Black people lynched by vigilantes and the local and state authorities conspired to protect the killers from ever facing justice?

America doesn’t deserve our benefit of the doubt at this point. That doesn’t mean go crazy with the conspiracy theories either. As far as Black and Intellectual’s stance – we are keeping open minds. However, it is more likely this wasn’t a conspiracy and the Eric Holder’s of America are just plights on Black progress.

They are the deadly cowards among us.

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