The Oath Keepers Get Ran Out of South Central, LA

Since telling the American people who are against the Trump regime to stand up to members of the administration in public, Congresswoman Maxine Waters has faced a flurry of death threats. 

One of the groups that has taken issue with Maxine Waters recently is known as The Oath Keepers. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, they're one of the largest right-wing, anti-government militias in the country which boasts it has "tens of thousands" of former military and law enforcement members. To put them in their proper context, the group was founded in 2009 right after Barack Obama was elected President. In my opinion, the group represents one of the many fascist, white supremacist responses to the first Black President.

Groups like The Oath Keepers are loosely associated with the growing fascist trend in America and all of these types of groups are major Trump sycophants.

So the Oath Keepers thought they'd intimidate Maxine Waters by staging a "protest" at her office in South Central, LA. Not a smart move. We all know that 'protest' was just legal wording they used to mask their true intention which almost certainly could've become violent. Let's not forget that Charlottesville was billed as a "free speech protest" too. Then Heather Heyer was murdered.

The people of South Central did what they needed to do to defend themselves and a sitting Congresswoman. I don't believe in the politics of rolling over. Not in times like this and this is something liberals and progressives have to accept that many don't want to. People don't want to believe that the dynamic has changed. That we're not in normal times any longer and that we are dealing with an opposing side that has become extremist.


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