Donald Trump and the Rise of Right-Wing Fascism

As I type this, there is a near riot about to happen in downtown Chicago. Once again, the scary truths about this country are being put on full display for the whole world to see. That a man such as Donald Trump is as close to winning the Republican nomination as he is should be a troubling sign to any American that values this democracy and especially people of color. That includes Blacks, Hispanics, Americans of Middle Eastern descent and religious minorities such as sikh's and Muslims. 

Donald Trump has fostered a political campaign that is beginning to lead to very violent reactions between his supporters and protesters who come to exercise their freedom of speech. In Fayetteville, North Carolina on March 10 a young, Black male protester was elbowed in the face as he was being led out of the event by police. He was arrested, while the man who delivered the punch was allowed to stand there and commit assault in front of police. While that man was later arrested and charged, the signs of the devolution of American democracy is occurring right before everyone's eyes.

Trump is a champion for a segment of American society that has been with this country since 1775. That is the militant and historically-violent racist and xenophobic American right-wing. For many years these people didn't participate in national politics due to the GOP being able to keep the extremist Right in check. Only using dog whistle politics and winks and nods to let the racists in their party know they were still looking out for them. Well that's in the past now, the GOP has done such a horrendous job at leading and aiding the American people that they've lost the ability to control the fascists in their party.

In 2009, the Department of Homeland Security issued a report warning of the rise of right-wing extremism in America. Very little has been done about it since then. In 2012, Barack Obama won re-election while getting less than 40% of the White vote. There can be no doubt that there has been a very real racist backlash to Obama's Presidency. In a time when violence against communities of color, especially the Black community, has become such a major national issue...for a Presidential candidate such as Trump to be so close to the White House as he is should be the biggest wake up call to the racism deniers in this country. Trump not only denigrates and blames the protesters for the violence at his rallies, he has actively insinuated that his supporters in the crowd should do things back at them! Why is a Presidential candidate inciting violence and not being called out on it by the mainstream media?!? Trump is making these statements during a time when a violent Trump supporter recently alluded to killing a Black protester if he comes to an event again in the aforementioned Fayetteville incident. The danger and threat that a Trump Presidency poses can't be understated. He has his apologists in the media who are being given a platform to revise history and push this narrative that it's not Trump that's causing these problems, it's the people who are rightfully fearful and offended by his rhetoric.

Speaking of the mainstream media, whatever happens needs to be partially blamed on a mainstream media that in my honest opinion has had one of the worst election seasons I've seen so far in my 28 years. The gross amount of coverage the media has given Trump is directly tied to his rise in popularity. It was always a problem, but became an even bigger issue when people starting getting kicked out of his events. Now we've gone from that to his fake support/non-support of the KKK to a borderline riot in Chicago. This is only going to get worse and knowing that the media is not going to challenge him as harshly as they challenge liberals and progressives like Bernie Sanders should be infuriating to anyone who cares about this country. The media is very much becoming a complicit party in all of this.

Finally, one has to begin to really wonder about the hundreds of thousands of people he has supporting him around the country. There are those who want to go out of their way to say "all Trump supporters are not racist" and "this doesn't represent all Trump supporters." While that may be technically true, it is also true that a large portion of his supporters are in fact white supremacists. We don't want to generalize and say all 100% are, but to pretend that we're talking about 10-15% is dismissive and tone deaf at best. In several states a majority of the people who supported Trump also supported banning all Muslims. People who support the banning of Muslims are not "good Americans" who just have an opinion. I'd say the vast majority of them are likely racist people and people need to be wary of those who will seek to rationalize right-wing extremism. So the racism deniers who want to try to distance Trump and his campaign from the white supremacy that his campaign represents are off base and doing their best at performing mental jui-jitsu in an attempt to hide the dark side of America. 

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