Vibrational Medicine: The Chakra System and the Science of Subtle Energy

I'd like to introduce you, the reader, to a field of research that you might not be aware actually exists and ideas about the nature of reality that are not often spoken about publicly on major news networks or in the press unless it's to takes shots at it. It deals with who we are as beings and how we function on an energetic level. This blog entry is inspired by 3 books I've bought recently that I will be doing a video review of soon. The three books are titled, 'Vibrational Medicine,' 'Eastern Body, Western Mind' and 'Tuning the Human Biofield.' Two of the books are written by doctors, and the other by a woman working on her PhD. 

This is an official call, a sending of electromagnetic vibrations around the world to all melanated kindred spirits seeking to open their Third Eye and understand the true nature of reality. I think people of African descent especially should give this blog entry a special reading. Progress for the Black community and other communities of color as well won't just come through political and/or economic progress. There has to be an energetic shift in our collective consciousness. All progressives whether Black, White, radical or moderate must first believe that change can actually happen before it does. I am an advocate of at least weekly meditation, if not daily meditation. A movement that is on the same page politically, economically and energetically will be hard to let us begin.

We Are Beings of Electromagnetic Light Energy Consumed & Surrounded by Subtle, Etheric Energy

Let us first define what chakras are before we begin talking about the energy systems that allow them to exist then we'll end it by talking about different chakras more in-depth. Chakra comes from the sanskrit language out of India and means 'wheel.' Anodea Judith in her book 'Eastern Body, Western Mind' describes them as 'centers of organization that receives, stimulates and expresses life force energy.' They represent different vortexes of subtle energy and they exist purely in our multi-dimensional aura known as our 'etheric body', not in the physical body. The etheric body is part of the first level of the Human aura field and is basically made up of what is known as 'etheric energy.' According to Dr. Richard Gerber in his must-read book 'Vibrational Medicine,' there are as many as seven Human subtle energy bodies (also called auras). You have the bodies that exist in this physical reality which is the physical body and the higher energy (but not the highest) etheric body which contains the chakras. Once we begin talking about higher energy levels from the astral body and higher...then that's when we get into the non-physical, non-space levels of existence that is indestructible and act as vehicles of containment for our mobile consciousness. This research is based on what is known as the Tiller-Einstein Model of Positive-Negative Space/Time which will be discussed below. Let me back up first and go a little bit deeper into what exactly I mean by subtle energy and etheric energy. They're basically one and the same thing and can be used interchangeably. However etheric energy is simply one form of subtle energy as explained above. Subtle energy refers to any form of higher energy outside of the physical body, so it is all-encompassing and can be used to define all of our auras. 

 Artist Representation of the Human Energy Field aka Human Aura
Artist Representation of the Human Energy Field aka Human Aura

Let us first understand as Gerber explains that all matter is frozen light. Matter is defined as anything that has mass and takes up space and Einstein discovered through his theory of relativity in 1905 that there is a link between matter and energy. The equation that proved this is the now famous E=MC^2. Before Einstein's scientific breakthrough, everyone believed that space and time were separate. The only reason you hear the term space-time today is because of this equation. However as stated, the equation also proved that matter and energy weren't separate entities either but are instead interchangeable and interconvertible. This means that one cannot only convert matter into energy as we see occur everywhere in biology and nature, but that one should also be able to convert energy into matter. We already know from quantum physics that subatomic level particles like electrons display characteristics of both waves and particles. This is known as the 'Wave-Particle Duality' and is a foundational concept within quantum theory.

Without going too far down that rabbit hole, it's important to get the concept that human beings (and all living things in existence) are composed of matter...matter is composed of highly complex, infinitely orchestrated energy fields that can be specialized by the laws of nature to vibrate at different frequencies. Since matter is made up of energy fields, Gerber postulates that matter can be viewed as an energy interference pattern. In physics, an interference pattern is a phenomenon that occurs when two waves meet while traveling along the same medium. In this sense the physical body is composed of one form of matter that is dense and vibrates at a much slower frequency than say the 'etheric body.' If there is an etheric body, would there not be etheric matter as well? Matter that travels at a higher frequency than physical matter but not the fastest of our entire aura. Gerber, as well as others, view the etheric body as being akin to a hologram that shadows the physical body. He dedicates a number of pages in 'Vibrational Medicine' to fleshing this out by explaining the basic concepts behind what is known as the 'Holographic Principle' which postulates (with growing scientific evidence) that we are literally living in a 3-dimensional holographic projection based on an as yet to be discovered 2-dimensional fabric of space-time. Gerber uses the Holographic Theory as the scientific basis behind the idea of the Human Multi-Dimensional Anatomy which will be discussed below. I'll save another blog entry for a discussion about the Holographic Universe Theory in more depth because that is a blog entry in and of itself.

Human Multi-Dimensional Anatomy & the Tiller-Einstein Model 

The Human Multi-Dimensional Anatomy (H.M.A.) represents a different view entirely from the standard Newtonian view of anatomy which views the human body as a grand machine that is purely chemically-based and made up or muscles, organs, bone, etc. The Wave/Particle duality and quantum mechanics forces us re-examine the materialist notion of the dominance of the physical body as being the be-all, end-all.

As explain above, the only difference between the physical and etheric bodies are the frequencies that define them. It has been shown through physics that energy of different frequencies can certainly exist within the same space without having to worry about destructive events. Gerber calls this the 'Principle of Nondestructive Coexistence'  which states that matter of differing frequencies can occupy the same space at the same time, non-destructively. So one need not be skeptical about the ability of the physical and etheric bodies to co-exist.

Dr. Richard Gerber identifies the acupuncture meridian system as the 'physical-etheric' interface that is the first physical link established between the etheric body and the developing physical body based on research in the 1960's in Korea headed by Professor Kim Bong Han who did experimental work on the system using rabbits and other animal models. The physical-etheric interface is just a low level aspect of the H.M.A. because we also have to factor in chakras and what are known as 'nadis.'  As stated above, chakras are contained with the etheric body, however they are connected to each other as well as the physical structure via  subtle, energetic channels known as nadis.  The nadis are representative of extensive networks that are comparable to the nerves in the human body in terms of how extensive certain sources have described them to be. Whereas the chakras are seen a flowers, nadis are the pedals and roots of the flower that helps to facilitate the distribution of energy from the chakras to the physical body. 

Various sources have described up to 72,000 nadis or etheric channels of energy in the subtle anatomy of human beings. These unique channels are interwoven with the physical nervous system. Because of this intricate interconnection with the nervous system, the nadis affect the nature and quality of nerve transmission within the extensive network of the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves. Dysfunction at the level of the chakras and nadis can, therefore, be associated with pathological changes in the nervous system.

— Dr. Richard Gerber, 'Vibrational Medicine' - Page 131

So before we continue, it is important to know that there are various connection points between the physical body and the etheric body such as the meridian and chakra-nadi systems, but that is not the full extent of the human multi-dimensional anatomy.

The Tiller-Einstein Model

Dr. William Tiller is a professor at Stanford University who has been working for over 10 years on the issue of subtle energy. Dr. Tiller in his research describes the difference between Positive Space/Time and Negative Space/Time. Positive space/time is associated with the physical space/time universe we are all aware of and see on a daily basis. It's also associated with the forces of electricity and electro-magnetic radiation and matter that can only exist at speeds slower than the speed of light. Negative Space/Time is the exact opposite and deals not with the physical, but instead the etheric and subtle. Negative space/time involves velocities that are faster-than-light and mathematical equations with answers that involve imaginary numbers like -1. Some physicists and mathematicians see a place for imaginary numbers though when trying to explain higher dimensional phenomena. 

There are other very interesting and extraordinary characteristics of negative space/time. Due to solutions to E=MC^2 equation with velocities greater than the speed of light are negative; one would also have to say that any particles that exist within negative space/time would also have negative mass! This would also mean that negative space/time matter would have  have properties of negative entropy. Entropy is basically the inclination towards disorder (sometimes described as chaos) in a system. So negative entropy literally means negative disorder, OR an inclination towards order and harmony within a system. For example, positive entropy is exemplified in the life cycle of a basic cell. Cells develop, serve their purpose but eventually die for various reasons, but the outcome is always the same. A cell deteriorating is an example of positive entropy. The cell developed more and more disorder later in its life cycle and failed more and more to do its job and eventually deteriorated. Another example of positive entropy is aging and how the human body slowly deteriorates over time. Negative entropy would represent a system that wasn't inclined to age or deteriorate over any time. Which means if Dr. Tiller is right, then there would be a great case to make for our subtle energy bodies being eternal or at least able to exist far, far longer than anything in positive space/time.

Most importantly however negative space/time is primarily magnetic in nature. This conclusion is based on the research of numerous doctors including Dr. Justa Smith and her teams research with healers. She showed that healers can accelerate the kinetic activity of enzymes in a fashion similar to the effects of high-intensity magnetic fields by measuring the effects of the energies from healers' hands on test tubes of the enzyme trypsin. 

Dr. Tiller theorizes that negative space/time is the realm of the etheric and postulates about the existence of  a multi-dimensional substance called a "deltron" which would act as a energy-bonding coupler between the etheric and physical worlds. To Tiller, he sees deltron particles as interacting with faster-than-light etheric particles and slower-than-light physical particles thus bringing about energy exchange between the two. Not totally unlike the meridian and chakra-nadi systems described above.

So the Tiller-Einstein Model is essentially the model that uses the long form of Einstein's equation E=MC^2 to develop a relationship between the physical universe, the physical-etheric interface and the world of etheric substances that goes beyond the textbook and accepted understanding of that equation as simply being about the potential energy of a particle being equal to the product of its mass multiplied by the speed of light squared.

Identifying the Different Energy Bodies

I have spent this blog entry thus far speaking only on the first two levels of the H.M.A. which is the first body, known as the physical body. The physical body is followed by the etheric body which is second. Both the first and second bodies make up what Dr. Tiller defines as our 'Temporal Reality.' That is the reality of our physical existence that is destructible, temporary and will eventually die. Let us now define bodies 3-7...

  1. Physical Body - material universe and the state of awareness we exist in the most
  2. Etheric Body - resting place of the chakras and nadi system
  3. Astral Body - the astral body is composed of astral matter which is another subtle substance that exists at a higher energy frequency than etheric matter. Information about this aspect of the human multi-dimensional anatomy has been passed down to us over thousands of years going all the way back to Ancient Kemet. The astral body is the seat of our emotions and desires. It has also been believed for hundreds of years that the astral body has its own set of 7 chakras that act as counterparts to the etheric chakras where astral energy is passed down to the etheric chakras in the etheric body. The astral body also has the ability to disconnect from the physical body in a way the etheric body can't. The astral body is what individuals  experience during Out-Of-Body experiences (OBE's) when they say they went through an event when they felt like they were floating above their body while they were either asleep of going through a Near-Death experience. Some go so far as to say they could turn around see their own body. Another more accurate term for out-of-body experience is Astral Projection which involves the projection of consciousness outside of the physical body and into the astral body.
  4. Mind Body #1 (Instinctive) - If the astral body is the seat of our emotions and desires, then the 3 Mental bodies or Mind Bodies as I'm calling them would be the seat of our consciousness. Mind Body one is where thoughts exists that are instinctive. When all 3 Mind Bodies are vibrating correctly, an individual will be able to focus his attention on particular things with force, vigor and mental clarity.
  5. Mind Body #2 (Intellectual) - this Mind Body is the source of intellectual ideas, thoughts and beliefs. Those who are active meditators nurture the growth and vibrancy of this mental state. This mind body is the source of wisdom and knowledge both learned and gained.
  6. Mind Body #3 (Spiritual) - this is the seat of spiritual enlightenment, not to be confused with religious dogma of any particular religion. One can be very religious and lacking in spiritual awareness. Your spirit represents your 7th Body in the H.M.A., so spiritual awareness involves, but is not exclusive to, awareness of your spirit body and the higher planes of existence. This is the greatest pinnacle of the Mind and its nourishment has the greatest impact on the 5 lower frequency bodies.
  7. Spirit Body - the higher self. The sum of all life experiences on the physical plane including, but not excluded to, your current life.

When we get into Bodies 4-7 which include the Mind Bodies and the Spirit Body, that's when we get into the realm of what Dr. Tiller describes as "indestructible realities." Remember above where it was stated that Bodies 1-2 are referred to as "temporal realities" meaning they are not permanent and will eventual whither away and die due to their existence within positive space/time. The astral body is considered a go-between between the temporal and the indestructible, the finite and the infinite. It is within the Mind Bodies that one finds 'Knowledge of Self.' When you know who you are, what your purpose is in life and where you're going to achieve that purpose (or through what vehicle you will achieve your purpose) and how you're going to achieve that purpose...then you are on your way to knowledge of self and you're already doing more than most people out here. Most folks go through their days and eventually lives without knowing themselves and not having their Mind Bodies in harmony with the rest of the multi-dimensional selves. Bodies 3-7 in general is where we get more into the esoteric and less into the science given the fact that the technologies to detect these higher dimensions have yet to be developed. 

The Chakra System

Having gone over the basic idea of what chakras are already, let's now delve a little bit more into how they work together and their different roles. For a much more in-depth understanding of the chakra's read Anodea Judith's book, 'Eastern Body, Western Mind.'  There are 7 chakra's broken two separate groups known as the lower chakra's and upper chakra's. Each chakra is also associated with a major human psychological function, an element an a universal principle. You will often always see chakra's associated with different colors too. This is because as there are seven chakras, there are also seven colors in the rainbow...the base chakra is red because red has the slowest vibration of visible light. The crown chakra in turn has the highest vibration and so is associated with the color purple.

Lower Chakra's

The lower 3 chakra's are physically closer to the Earth and so are related to more grounded and practical matters such as survival, emotion and will which are developed at very early ages.

 The Root Chakra
The Root Chakra
  1. Root Chakra (Muladhara): This is the first chakra to develop at birth and up until the age of 1. It is associated with survival instincts and self-preservation which are first learned out of the womb. The element associated with the root chakra is Earth and it is located at the base of the spine. The root chakra is also associated with physical identity which is mandatory if we're going to deal with the physical world. Identifying with the body is to identify with the Spirit Bodies expression in the physical realm. If you DIDN'T have physical identification, you wouldn't know anything about your physical abilities and limitations and would therefore be disassociated from the physical world mentally. However like with all the chakra's there can be blockages or deficiencies with the root chakra. The basic issues dealt with here are like I said survival, but also nourishment, the home, the family, trust and prosperity. Fear is the primary enemy of the root chakra and anything that is considered a threat to survival is a threat to the root chakra.


 The Sacral Chakra
The Sacral Chakra

2. Sacral Chakra (Svadhisthana): this is the second chakra located in your abdomen between your belly button and your genitals. The central issue associated with the sacral chakra is emotion and sexuality with the instincts of self-gratification being dominant. The element associated with this chakra is water and is attached to our emotional identity. Emotion evolves from our physical identity from the root chakra and expands upon it. The enemy of the sacral chakra is guilt and it sabotages the natural flow of emotion and sexual energy throughout the body. Certain traumas such as sexual abuse and emotional abuse can cause damage here. 

 The City of Jewels Chakra
The City of Jewels Chakra

3. City of Jewels Chakra (Manipura): also called the Solar Plexus chakra due to its location. It is the last of the lower chakras and is associated with power and will. The instincts of self-definition are dominant here along with the element of fire. The third chakra is the chakra one needs to look to when dealing with problems of the ego. A person with an open third chakra has lots of vitality, self-esteem, purpose and strength of will. A person with a weak City of Jewels chakra is passive, of weak will, sluggish and has poor self-esteem. Shame is the enemy of the third chakra due to its impact on the feeling of having personal power. The more we feel shameful about things we've done or have been done to us, the less we feel powerful and the harder it is for our ego to form itself. Many people who have low self-esteem have blockages in their City of Jewels chakra. This chakra acts as an organizer of energies coming up from the root and sacral chakras and connecting with the higher chakras of the mind. So in a way we shape ego with our consciousness so you need a strong, well-functioning ego (not excessive mind you) to integrate diverse and troubling experiences while maintaining knowledge of self.

Upper Chakras

The 4 upper chakras represent the mental realms, especially the top 3. 

 The Heart Chakra
The Heart Chakra

4. Heart Chakra (Anahata): located around the area of the heart, the heart chakra deals with the central issue of love and relationships and being impacted by feelings of self-acceptance. One of the most important chakras of all, an open and vibrant heart chakra bring balance, compassion and good relationships with those around you, altruism, empathy and self-love. The element of this chakra is air and goes along with the color green. This is the chakra of empaths and those who are clairsentient (clear-feeling) and is one of my personal favorites that I have worked with before in the past due to traumas in my past that I believe negatively harmed my heart chakra. Everyone should work with their heart chakra as deficiency can be found in those of us who are depressed, lonely, anti-social or withdrawn or are in fear of intimacy or relationships for whatever reason. To achieve proper flow between your lower and upper chakras, a well-balanced Manipura (Chakra #3) and Anahata (Chakra #4) is critical. This is what Anodea Judith had to say about the Heart Chakra...

To access the divine and become as Gods, we need to recognize our own divine nature as part of the greater mystery of unfolding. To heal the heart is to reunite mind and body, the mystical and mundane, self and other into an integrated whole. This is our task in the Heart Chakra as it is the task for every one of us that wants to heal this world and assure its future. Without love, there is no binding force to hold our world together. Without love, there is no integration but instead dis-integration. Without love, our Rainbow Bridge collapses.

— Anodea Judith in Eastern Body, Western Mind (Page 227)
 The Throat Chakra
The Throat Chakra

5. Throat Chakra (Vissudha): this chakra is located in the throat and deals with the central issue of communication and impacted by feelings of self-expression. An open and vibrating throat chakra allows for good, clear communication, creativity and resonance. The element associated with this chakra is sound and the color blue. Lies are the enemy of the throat chakra. Nourishment of Vissudha aids in the development of our creative identity.



 The Brow Chakra aka the
The Brow Chakra aka the "Third Eye"

6. Brow Chakra (Ajna): also known as the 'Third Eye Chakra,' Ajna's central issue is intuition and imagination and orientated towards self-reflection. An open and vibrant Third Eye chakra is someone who may develop psychic perception and clairvoyance (clear-seeing). It is located between the eyebrows and above your two physical eyes. The element of Ajna is light itself with the enemy being that of illusion. In the sixth chakra we move into our archetypal identity and enter a broader context of understanding. We also enter into a deeper level of who we are and what our purpose here on this Earth is. A vibrant and open brow chakra is one who has meditated consistently on the two higher Mind Bodies of intellectualism and spiritualism as noted above and pertains to one who has attained knowledge of self. The Third Eye allows us to dream and allow our dreams to bring us answers to problems that our conscious mind could not solve and so we become powerful spiritual teachers. Through our dreams, we receive symbols which are immediate, whole-brain ways of communicating about deep energies and realities. As we develop and grow Ajna, we become more intuitive and can even experience clairvoyance through the conscious surrender to the unconscious mind.

 The Crown Chakra
The Crown Chakra

7. The Crown Chakra (Sahasrara): located at the top of the head, the central issue for the Crown chakra is awareness, but also divinity, vision, union and higher power. With an orientation towards self-knowledge, it's color is also purple. A vibrant and open crown chakra provides the ability to be open-minded, intelligent, thoughtful and aware. One also has the ability to perceive, analyze and assimilate information. This is Anodea Judith's statement on the Crown chakra...

The 7th chakra is about merging with divine consciousness and realizing our true nature...the Rainbow Bridge, like any bridge, is about connection. The two ends of the spectrum connect the individual self with universal creation...our purpose in the 7th chakra is to connect with the divine, but also to manifest divinity in our bodies and actions and so transform the world.

— Anodea Judith in Eastern Body, Western Mind (Pages 392-393)


This is just the beginning of an incredible journey that we are taking here at Black and Intellectual. We believe we are onto something and there are tons of books and research material out there to continue this discussion with plenty of future blog posts. As I stated at the very beginning of this entry...progress can't simply be viewed politically or economically. In order for people to get on the same page, they have to believe that change is actually possible. Why is it that the majority of Americans support leftist policies, but only about a third of the voting population actually vote based on their beliefs? It's because of the lack of belief and weakness on an energetic level. Mind control and propaganda is preventing many thousands of Americans from seeing clearly (clairvoyance) and being able to discern fact from fiction. I truly believe taking the words in this entry seriously and doing your own independent research thoroughly will go a long way in creating the reality we all wish we could be in right now. Political and/or economic freedom is never going to come if you can't get people to change their psycho-energetic mental paradigm.

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