We Can’t Just Defeat Trump in 2020, We Must Crush Him

We Can’t Just Defeat Trump in 2020, We Must Crush Him

Crush Trump 2020

Donald Trump can’t just be beaten by Democrats in 2020, he must be crushed – electorally I mean. His defeat must be so resounding, so definite, so obvious that any attempt to remain in power will be immediately met with universal backlash. That is our mission, should we choose to accept it.

There is talk among ranking Democrats that they fear Trump may not step down if he loses by a small margin. This echoes the closing statement made by Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen when he spoke before the House Oversight Committee in February. Cohen said he fears that if Trump loses in 2020, “there will never be a peaceful transition of power.”

I disagree with Cohen, Trump will leave – if the defeat is resounding enough. When establishment politicians like Nancy Pelosi claim that Democrats must “stay in the center” to defeat Trump in 2020 that’s remarkably tone-deaf. It implies that the path to a resounding victory is by running on neoliberalism and centrism. To think that’s the case in an election where Millennials and Generation Z (the youngest Americans) will make up 37% of the electorate is laughable at best – downright dangerous at worst. 

The truth is the exact opposite of what Speaker Pelosi would have you believe. Running a neoliberal such as Joe Biden is the real path to a tight, 1-2% victory. Why? He’s out-of-touch with where the country is right now. He will not inspire turnout among younger Americans under 35 and therefore a Biden v. Trump election will be razor-thin. The election will come down to older, more conservative Americans who we already know trend Republican.

However, if Donald Trump is forced to run against Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, or anyone else that has provably Progressive positions that are popular – then that’s a much different race. That creates a race that will likely not be close. 

If you run a Biden or Buttigieg against Trump, he will turn around a play “pretend populist” and outflank the Democrats on a range of issues. All because Democrats misread the room and thought they could still campaign like it’s 1996. 

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