White Genocide and the Danger in Manufactured Victimhood

White genocide is the white supremacist false notion, the dangerous conspiracy theory, that says there is an agenda within Western world governments to deplete the white population. Their "evidence" is race-mixing, abortion, integration and various other successes of the culture war.

White genocide is also the fear of white genetic extinction (their own words). The clear and obvious illegitimacy of this outrageous notion is obvious to those of us who are not white or white, but not white supremacist. The problem is they believe it, at least some of them do. Some may be aware that there is no white genocide occurring and only see this as a cover for what they really want - white domination and the population control of brown and especially black people. There are those who do very much believe it and one need only see it in the act of terrorism carried out in Norway in 2011. The right-wing zealot cited white genocide as being a motivation in his manifesto.

Another aspect of this is manufactured victimization. You see, they cannot accept that what they do is wrong, so they have to come up with a deviant conspiracy theory with potentially dangerous ramifications to fictionalize an oppression narrative. They are not real victims of oppression, but instead the historic instruments of oppression - it's vessel in the real world. There is no Trail of Tears in their history in this land, nor slavery or apartheid. 

They say words like diversity and integration are anti-white code words. This is no different than their ancestors claiming that equality and freedom for black people would somehow come at a disadvantage for white people. During the time of DuBois, Washington and Douglass the same arguments were made. These arguments are not new in any way, shape or form. For the mainstream media to give the propagators of this ideology airtime just goes to show you that white supremacy and white privilege are two peas in the same pod.

That manufactured victimization is dangerous cannot be understated, especially when it's coming from groups are who armed and willing to use those arms to, in their eyes, defend themselves.

There is a disturbing lack of coverage of domestic terrorism acts committed by white, right-wing fascists and zealots. Almost all of the media attention directs the focus of the American public onto acts of terrorism done by Muslims because it fits a convenient war narrative for the military-industrial complex. The same complex that the mainstream media is completely and totally in bed with.  You are more likely to be killed by a white right-wing extremist than a Muslim terrorist and more of the former have killed Americans than the ladder since 9/11.

Another example that links white genocide to potential acts of terrorism can be found in the manifesto left behind by Dylann Roof. The same

We cannot afford to allow the mainstreaming of these dangerous ideologies without pushback. The belief in the white genocide conspiracy theory is based fundamentally on the notion that my freedom and the freedom of people who look like me is somehow a threat to white people's existence. I'm not a consequentialist, so I don't believe that the value of whether or not something is good or bad should be based on the outcome of the action - or in this case the rhetoric. I don't think we should wait around for something bad to happen to say that the rhetoric itself is bad enough to be considered dangerously problematic. We have plenty of examples in history of manufactured victimhood from white supremacists being deadly. The fake outrage fear-mongering of white women being raped by black men was used intentionally in films like Birth of a Nation in 1915. Manufactured victimhood being used to justify extra-judicial and un-constitutional acts of preemptive violence against black and brown people.

There is no white genocide. There is no Jewish cabal plotting white extinction. There is no open season attempt to attack white male Christians as Bill O'Reilly claimed back in 2015. This is a deviant figment of the imagination and must be watched carefully by melanated men and women out there.

Stay safe and progress in 2017.

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