White Yale Student Calls the Police On Black Student For The Dumbest Reason

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One of the many problems with covering up the murder of innocent black people in America is the green light that it gives not only to other corrupt cops (and people who want to be corrupt cops) but the green light it gives to random ass citizens.

Calling the police on black people that annoy you has been weaponized by certain Americans. Every other day there seems to be a new incident.

The most recent episode (that we're aware of) occurred on the campus of Yale University in the early morning hours of May 9. A white woman called the police on a black woman named Lolade Siyonbola. Siyonbola is a graduate student at Yale who actually stays on campus, who fell asleep in the common area of the residence hall while researching for a paper.

The white woman can be seen on camera (that Siyonbola streamed across Facebook Live) saying that "the common room is not for sleeping." So I guess that's supposed to be some asinine justification for calling the police, which we already know can turn violent for black people really quickly.

It's come out that this is not the first time this particular white woman, named Sarah Braasch, has called the police on black people because she felt "uncomfortable." This is also not her first interaction with Siyonbola. Braasch called the police on a friend of Siyonbola's earlier this year while they were meeting in the same residence hall. Siyonbola and her friend both filed a complaint against Braasch over the previous incident.

Some of Sarah Braasch's problematic political views have come to light as well which provides something of an ideological foundation for what might be going on here.

The Grio reports that in the past, Braasch made arguments in defense of slavery for a middle school debate. Some might say that happened years ago, but in a 2010 blog post, she seemed to double down on those arguments based on the notion that some black people wanted to go back to the plantation after the Civil War was over.

Even more problematic was an article she wrote a year later in 2011 where she said she hated legislation meant to punish hate crimes and hate speech. She said she "loved hate speech" and made similar arguments that we hear being made on the alt-right all the time about "free speech" rights. As I've said before, for white supremacists, what they really hate is being challenged and they hate that their toxic and dangerous views are frowned upon in society. They want to be able to proliferate white supremacist ideology and race theory unchallenged.

This is only the most recent example of police being used by regular Americans to assault black people. Let's take a look at some recent past incidents that show us the trend.

Past Incidents

April 12: Two black men, while waiting for a business associate in Starbucks, have the police called on them by the Manager because they weren't paying customers and she assumed they were up to no good. They had only been there for a couple minutes.

April 21: A group of 5 black women were golfing at the Grandview Golf Course in York County, PA and were told by owners and employees that they were golfing too slow. The club offered to refund their memberships (basically an attempt to cut off their access to the course), then called the police on the women.

April 22: A black woman by the name of Chikesia Clemmons was violently assaulted in an Alabama Waffle House after demanding the waitress provide the number for the corporate office because she didn't think she had to pay for plastic utensils. Her breasts were exposed and there is a video clip of a police officer aggressively choking her as she lay on the ground with him on top of her.

April 30: Three black women check out of their Airbnb rental and a woman called 911 after the women didn't wave at her. So she tried to claim later that she thought they were robbing the home. 

May 10: A white woman calls the police on a black family cooking out in a park in Oakland, California. Then cries when things don't go her way and they confront her. She claimed that they were trespassing and that they were not welcomed before telling them "y'all going to jail."

These most recent examples at Yale and in Oakland are the continuation of a dangerous pattern in America. This country has to come to grips with the fact that there's a lot of explicit bias that is still very prevalent. That many white people know they can use police as a form of social control against black people and black people in return are rightfully pissed off and upset. It's one thing dealing with the oppressive nature of law enforcement, but now we're dealing with that on top of people using LE to push their own petty, racist agenda.

Stop Calling The Police On Black People For Stupid Reasons

Stop calling the police on black people because you want to go on a power trip! 

That's not what the police are there for. They're there for emergencies and for life/death scenarios. Not because a group of black women are playing golf  "too slow" or another group of black women didn't acknowledge your gestures as they left their Airbnb.

I agree with others who say that using the police in this way should come with a punishment. Nothing serious, but people need to be fined for this. No one is saying don't call the police when you're actually in danger, we're saying don't call the police for stupid ass reasons that revolve around you wanting to control blacks as a group.

When You Call the Police and You Don't Need To, You're Putting Lives At Risk

At this point, there's nothing else that needs to be said about state violence. This stuff has been in the news for years now and damn near everybody has heard the stories. If you still don't get it, it's because you don't want to get it and you might be somewhat complicit in the system we have today (or at the very least supportive of it).

So when people call the police on black men and women for benign reasons, they're putting lives at risk. Part of me thinks they know that and just don't care - which is reflective of the mentality of many Americans when it comes to issues that impact the black community. Many people just don't give a damn.

I'm through with giving people the benefit of the doubt. We're past that. We're past assuming benevolence from everybody and thinking everyone is suffering from implicit (or unconscious) bias. Many of these people know what the hell they're doing and we have to be honest about that as a society.

Police As Population Control

Police have always been used as a form of population control and to enforce social engineering/social order. When I see these incidents, that's what I think about. The root of the issue we're dealing with is control of entire groups of people.

You want black people removed from the common area of a dorm hall? Call the police and force them out. You want black people to leave your business at Starbucks? Call the police and use them to force their removal. You want black people punished for not greeting you or punished for demanding answers for why they have to pay for plastic utensils? Call the police to get those blacks in check and show them who's boss. This is population control plain and simple.

Many people may not have the courage or the gall to attack black people themselves, but they know in our current racial climate, they can use the police to do their dirty work for them...and sit back and watch it all play out.

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