Why the Emmett Till Story Still Matters

 Emmett Till
Emmett Till

The Emmett Till murder was one of the most notorious incidents in American history. So here is the breakdown of what happened in a nutshell: On August 28, 1955, Emmett Till was brutally tortured and killed by Roy Bryant and J. W. Milam. After being acquitted by an all white jury, they later confessed to his murder. Emmett Till's story continues to be taught in schools, homes, and churches even today. This fourteen-year-old teenager from Chicago, visiting family in Money, Mississippi, was accused of whistling at young white lady. She claimed he grabbed her and made vulgar comments towards her and told Roy Bryant and J. W. Milam. They took matters into their own hands and beat him so bad that he was left barely recognizable. That young white lady's name is Carolyn Bryant.

Emmett’s mother, Mamie Till, preferred an open casket at the funeral for the public to witness what was done to her son. This provoked the Civil Rights movement to stand up against racism and injustice in the court system. Interesting enough, this is what we face today.

Six decades later at the age of 72 Carolyn Bryant, now with the last name of Donham, spoke to Timothy B. Tyson a professor at The University of Duke. She claimed the accusations made all those years ago were false.!She empathized with Mamie Till after the death of one of her own son and could only imagine how Mamie Till felt the day she found out about her son’s death.

Vanity Fare released this story of her confession to the public on Friday, January 26, 2017. Her ex-husband and brother in law are now deceased and she is the only one who can recall what happened on that day of the incident. Emmett Till cousin Wheeler Parker witnessed the kidnapping of his cousin. He spoke to news offices and stated, “I have great respect for her to come out and say what she did."

Hearing Wheeler Parker say this makes a lot of Americans turn their heads. What do you mean the accusations were false? Emmett Till did not deserve to die the way he did, and for his family to not seek justice makes matters worse. However, this young man was brutally murdered over a lie? Yet, what is going to happen to Carolyn Donham? Will she be held accountable for making false accusations? If not, Americans will witness another unfair case. All we ask for justice in this country and we have been having major issues obtaining it. It’s common to see we don’t matter to many Republican politicians, or racist people in general for that matter. But haven’t we dealt with enough already? I mean lets think about it, from slavery, to racism, to injustice, to police brutality, Black Americans have dealt with too many issues for way too long. 

Now at the age of 82, Carolyn’s family are the only ones who know of her whereabouts. This book that Professor Tyson is writing is due to come out with this memoir soon. It is published by Simon & Schuster and will be exclusive because his interview with Donham was rare and she broke her silence to him. We may not know what is going to happen to Donham, but it’s interesting to wonder know why she waited so long to confess to the truth, or better yet why is she still hiding? 

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