You’ll Be Shocked To Find Out Who Has Been Killing Cops Around America

 As of November 17, 2016 11 cops had been killed across the United States since November 1. Of all of those killers of cops, all but one was killed. All the rest were peacefully and uneventfully taken into custody and await trial. By the way, they're all White males.
As of November 17, 2016 11 cops had been killed across the United States since November 1. Of all of those killers of cops, all but one was killed. All the rest were peacefully and uneventfully taken into custody and await trial. By the way, they're all White males.

Well, you'll only be shocked if you believed in that mythological 'War on Cops' fairy tale that I debunked back in July. This is a narrative that has been used by the right-wing in America to falsely accuse people exposing organized state violence against Black Americans of doing something they are not doing. Anecdotal evidence was used such as videos of Black Lives Matter protesters chanting certain things about cops, and the Dallas shooting was definitely used like a political weapon by the Right to wage the real war they wanted to wage and that was the war on Black people. A war they've been waging since Blacks have been in this country.

Enough about that though because cops are actually being killed in higher numbers now than they were last year. You might be thinking to yourself that if that's the case, then why haven't you heard that much about it? Well that's because the killers of these cops are white men! Yep, since it's not something they can pin on Black protesters and BLM...the silence from the 'Blue Lives Matter' crowd about these cop shootings truly is deafening. 

I've been saying on social media for the past few days that white supremacy is a type of pathological insanity aka psychopathology. White supremacy fits the Four D's associated with identifying a potential psychopath. It is a belief system that is considered socially-deviant today I believe due to literal cases of social deviancy decades ago when racists were openly deviant when it came to Black bodies. Raping Black women and girls on the plantation, using Black bodies as freak show carnival attractions, and experimentation on Black people in American prisons. Then you have the 2nd of the 4 D's known as Distress. Distress is very apparent within white supremacy as their entire belief system is based around fear of the other and not being able to cope with a society that is changing around them and forcing them to play on a more fair playing field. America had spent centuries stroking the collective ego's of white Christian/Catholic men. Making them believe they were the center of the universe only for white geneticists to find out that the original man and woman were a Black brother and sister from East Africa and that white skin is in fact a genetic mutation. The threat of genetic wipeout is a very real driving force behind the modern day white racist psychosis...the late Dr. Francis Cress Welsing said as much.

Then you have the 3rd and 4th D's of Danger and Dysfunction. Danger is pretty much self-explanatory. It involves actions and emotions that can lead to violent confrontations with people in groups that become targeted by psychopaths (in this case of racism literally racist psycho's). There are extremes to how dangerous white supremacy can become. One modern extreme is certainly Nazi Germany, but one can also factor in European chattel slavery and even earlier than that...the Inquisition. The Inquisitors of the Inquisition propped up a system that was blatantly anti-Semitic and anti-Black (aka anti-Moor) and directly led to the rise of white supremacy.

Dysfunction is an interesting one and represents the abnormality of racism/white supremacy.  Now I would say white supremacy is dysfunctional not in the inability for racists to blend in and adapt, many of them do that just fine. It's dysfunction can be seen in how it makes the concepts of American liberty and freedom and justice dysfunctional. America has a dysfunctional democracy not simply because of economic inequality. That is true and should not be ignored. However I'd say American democracy is also dysfunctional because you have politicians who will never get into office at the local, state or federal level and advocate for improving the lives of Black people or righting the wrongs of the past. Matter of fact, you have people out here who would be openly hostile to the idea of putting an agenda in motion with the expressed goal of fixing the damage done to the Black community historically and currently by the American state because of racism/white supremacy.

You see the psycho-pathological dysfunction of white supremacy in the election of Donald Trump and the support for plutocratic Republican politicians since the 1960's by many White Americans. All Trump supporters may not be racist, but they all supported a candidate who ran on a xenophobic platform because they don't have to worry about the ramifications of what'll least that's what they think anyway.  Racist people will put their own rights on the line if it means non-Whites will not surpass them politically and/or economically. That is a fundamentally dysfunctional and highly irrational mentality to have!

Now what does white supremacy being a sign of potential psychopathy have to do with the story about cops being killed by Whites being covered up? What is the connection?

The connection is that this story is being covered up because it was never about cops being killed. It was about white supremacy, which is dangerous, dysfunctional, deviant and distressed going on alert as thousands of Black men and women around the country exposed years of constitutional violations against them that in many cases were sanctioned and sponsored by the State. Major implications that in a truly fair and just society would see the conspirators of this anti-Black agenda and instigators of this oppression brought up on charges for violating the Constitution and going to jail. Think about all of the people in power who are complicit in the war on Black bodies that even has a profit incentive attached to it! THAT is why the corporate media (who are guilty as hell) and the faux "Blue Lives Matter" brigade are silent right now. It was never about cops being killed, it was about silencing Black people calling out modern day state violence.

These recent killings of cops by white men only proves how irrational and deranged our most virulent and vitriolic critics are! White supremacy is NOT a rational ideology is actually very barbaric and backwards. It isn't remotely progressive or a sign of how mankind has "progressed" over the centuries. If people are still following and believing in a debunked ideology from the 18th century and they are doing so for no real rational purpose other than the 4 D' have yourself a large segment of the population that may be suffering from a serious mental disorder. A mental disorder that literally puts people's lives at risk when people suffering from the psycho-pathological disorder of white supremacy are given power. People with power who may basically be racist psychopaths have always been, and will continue to be, a potential threat to the lives of all non-White people.

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